What's It Like: A Blogger's Event

From shopping at a Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, to eating miniature grilled cheeses' and sipping champagne; a day as a blogger is always unpredictable.  

On October 24th, I was totally in my element, strolling the streets of NYC with my fashionista in crime, Venesa Coger. The day started with short metro train ride into the city, where Grand Central Station was our first stop. First on the agenda: FIND FOOD! You can never go wrong with New York style pizza, which is exactly what we ended up with. Mind you this was the best decision we had made, and the cheapest (Blogger Budget). Staying fueled is key.

Next on the itinerary, was to visit the FIT Museum, but once we arrived, little did we know that it's closed on Monday's. So, change of plans led us to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale. This change of plans didn't disappoint me, seeing as I left the sale with a pair of sneakers to add to my sneaker obsession.

By the time we knew it, it was already almost time to head over for the Marianna Hewitt's meet and greet. We then ventured on the subway to make our way over to SOHO. We managed to show up to the event an hour early, where there was a line already forming. P.S : the first 100 people to enter the event received a gift bag. So of course being early was our every intention. While waiting in line, we met with some other amazing bloggers and influencers, one of the highlights of the night.

After a short wait for the event to start, the doors opened, and the event was ready to begin.  We were greet champagne, which may be the most ideal way to be greeted.


Followed by the champagne, we were one of the first in line to meet Marianna, where we took a selfie with her in front of the most amazing selfie booth. Literally everyone needs one of these booths in their room, the pictures come out perfect and flawless every time.


After meeting Marianna, who is by the way to sweetest women and blogging inspiration around. We mingled with all of the other women at the event, and made new friends and memories.

                   Picture taken by : Sieena @   https://www.instagram.com/thehighlight._/

                  Picture taken by : Sieena @  https://www.instagram.com/thehighlight._/

We ate the worlds cutest and most delicious finger foods consisting of: figs with cream cheese, mini apple pies, mini grill cheese sandwiches, and tiny vegetable rolls.


Overall, if I could attend these blogger events on a daily basis, my life would be complete.The turn out was amazing, and we owe it all to Marianna Hewitt, Allure Magazine, Revitalash.