White on White Kitchens for the Win

White on White kitchens have been trending for quite some time now, and my future home Pinterest board is booming with layouts of it.  White in a kitchen not only looks the part, but it also creates a larger visual space. It still has that traditional look, while adding a modern touch. So, rest assure, that the ones who have a hate relationship with white kitchens, soon will learn to love after these quick fixes.


It's true that white stains much easier than any dark colors that would be on cabinets, but think, does this stop us from wearing white clothes? Answer,  no way, we wear white clothes, even after labor day if that's even a rule anymore.  This is exactly why bleach was invented and stain removers for those stubborn stains on clothing.  The same thing goes for white cabinets, brands like Parker & Bailey Kitchen have cabinet cleaners that remove cooking oils and food stains. TADA, shiny white cabinets.


A white kitchen does have more of a modern and open look, but that doesn't mean that one can't make it more comfortable and give an at home feeling.  By adding fruit trays, delicious cooking recipe books, and any other kitchen decorations, you can keep the modern feel while giving it that warm kitchen welcome. ( Fake macaroons always add a fun hint to your kitchen)


Show some spices under a cabinet too, this brightens the white back drop.



Those willing to compromise:

White almost everything in a kitchen is also eye catching with a black back drop and kitchen accessories. This gives a kitchen the best of both worlds, while still keeping that modern classic look.  It also makes the appliances pop out, and gives more of a sleek appeal.