Tips to Determining the Perfect Guest Dress

If you're anything like me, it's always a struggle to pick out the perfect dress to wear to a wedding or any kind of formal event.  Should I wear short or long? What colors should I wear? What if it's the same colors as the bride? Follow these simple steps to consider which dress is perfect for your event.

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1. How formal is the event?

Taking a peak at the venue and where you'll be spending your night is vital. This will help give a visual of the scenery, and the environment you'll be in. If it's rustic theme, stick to lighter colors, maxi dresses are always a good look for this. If the venue is more classical looking, darker colors are always a great option. Lace is always a popular dress fabric, but try to step outside of your comfort zone. Pick a patterned dress, like I did below. You'll be surprised how much the dress will stand out, and you'll feel like a beauty in it. Black tie weddings and events usually state that they are "Black tie" in the invitation. Long dress or cocktail dresses at that point are a must.


2. How comfortable do you want to be?

This is probably the most important question in my book! Comfort is key so I always say.  One dress style may not be as comfortable as another dress style. For instance, I chose this maxi dress form Lulu's because it's easy to move in, I didn't have to worry about my legs being too pasty, and I could wear a normal bra (FACTS). These are all great qualities in a dress that one will have to party all night in.  Not to mention that amount of food and drinks being consumed, a loose dress will hide the bloatedness (ANOTHER FACT).

Some dresses that may be more uncomfrotable, BUT are perfect for spring/summer events are straplesses or halter dresses.  These dresses make it diffiicult with deciding what bra to wear.  Some women don't have to wear any, while others have a harder time in this department.  Also, let's face it, strapless bras aren't the most comfortable things in the universe.  Sometimes they are actually a hassle to wear. 


3. What will the weather be like?

Weather is a huge factor in determining what kind of dress to purchase/wear.

WINTER: Wear darker hues such as black, blues, reds, and greens. These really accentuate that winter feel, especially since most winter weddings tend to gear towards that winter wonderland theme. Long dresses are always acceptable to wear in the winter, simply because of the cold weather (I know some people question whether a long dress is too fancy). Long sleeve dresses tend to be the most comfortable and easiest kind of style to wear because you don't need to worry so much about wearing a sweater or shall for warmth.  If sleeveless is what you end up with, faux fur jackets are always a fabulous accessory that'll keep you warm.

SPRING/SUMMER: Start to bring lighter and brighter colors once spring events and weddings come around. Pastel pinks and blues are a great transition for this season.  This is wear shorter dresses become more popular, mainly because of the heath, but also because women are more comfortable with showing their legs after hibernating.  In the summer, go all out with floral's, hot pinks, bright yellows, and icy blues.

FALL:This is the season where it's popular to wear both short and long dresses. Maybe switch it up and do a long dress, but with a cold shoulder. Or a short dress with a long sleeve. Fall patterns always tend to be beautiful on dresses, try to do without a solid color if you're feeling fancy.


Last, but not least.

4. What shoes to wear?

Piece of advice, don't wear something that you know you'll end up being miserable in by the end of the night. Or if you absolutely want to show off a certain pair of heels, bring flats to substitute in later in the night.  Take into consideration the venue again, is there grass? In this case, you may not want to wear a heeled shoe, maybe swap it out for a wedge or a chunky heel.  Are you going to be dancing all night? If so, stick with a kitten heel, or again a chunky heel that's managble to dance the night away.


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