Mad for Plaid

Suede ankle boots, check, rustic color t-shirt, check, and wearing something plaid, check.. Yes that's all the Fall essentials for an east coast gal. Not to mention find a location with a wooden barn themed background, I think this outfit falls into the autumn category quite well,and I'm loving everything about it.

Currently obsessing over wearing more color and fun things, so this plaid skirt from Lulus made it's way into my closet.  I pieced it with a rustic salmon colored shirt with a pear pocket abstract from Zara, and a choker from Ann Taylor ( just because I still have a short necklace addiction), plus re living the 90's fashion is nostalgic.

These ankle boots are a must have because they go with so many outfit pieces that'll work for this upcoming season.  Not to mention they are the most comfortable heeled shoe I own. They are Dolce Vita, and I bought them at no other shoe store but DSW.

IMG_0206 (2).JPG
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                                   Zara Shirt only available in store, shop similar below

                                  Zara Shirt only available in store, shop similar below

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