Track Pants Comeback

Where would I be without comfortable track pants and sneakers... well still not in high heels and a dress, BUT the fact is that Adidas track pants have made their come back.  Adding a white crop top or even a white tee if you aren't feeling that look, can add a stylish feel.  I didn't want to look like a complete bum by wearing sweatpants to school, so that's why the crop top added a bit more of edge to the look.

My outfit is completely shoppable, not to mention I'm sure you've seen these white van sneakers in a lot of my pictures and posts.  I literally live by these, they match everything, and I just love the " I'm not trying too hard" look. They are also on sale now at DSW, shop the link to get these beauties!

IMG_1013 (1).JPG
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